McDonnell Wedding

29 October 2015

 Blog by: Ben Golding

JukeBox bring the party to Farnham Castle

Another familiar sight for us as JukeBox returned to Farnham Castle in Surrey for yet another wedding. The happy couple of the day were Dominic and Victoria who were all too busy enjoying their meals and entertaining their guests as the band arrived in the courtyard of the historic building.

The staff were as delightful as always and receptionist Patrick was at hand to help us start our soft shell set-up in the hallway. As proceedings were running a little late I took the extra time to familiarise myself with the historic portraits lining the hallways of this stunning venue.

Soon after the guests were invited to make their way to the bar as the staff and band began the room changeover…

A first dance befitting of a fairytale wedding

The evening guests has slowly been trickling in and joining their friends around the bar area before being prompted to surround the wedding cake and witness yet another special moment for the newlyweds. They were then led out onto the beautifully lit dance floor to take their first dance as Mr and Mrs McDonnell.

They had chosen “Little Things” by One Direction as their song and our Guitarist/Singer Carl stepped up to the plate wonderful backed by some well rehearsed backing vocals, prompting a beautiful moment that all present can consider themselves lucky enough to have witnessed.

Soon after everybody got their dancing shoes on and got in on the action. Signature moves were being busted out left right and centre and some seriously cool power slides by one of the younger members of the audience set the tone for the night ahead!

JukeBox rock out in Surrey

Over two hours of live music ensued as everyone got a chance to dance along to their favourite songs of the ages. Some classics like “P.Y.T” and “Brown Eyed Girl” instantly drew more people to the dance floor as well as some staple sing-along tunes like “I’m A Believer” or “Africa”.

The party really got going in our second set as things got a little rowdier with “Uptown Funk” and “Mr Brightside”. But then came a few great moments as the lovely bride Victoria was serenaded by the entire room to the sound of the band performing “She’s So Lovely” by Scouting For Girls.

Then there was time for a few special requests in the form of the Dirty Dancing classic “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” before the real surprise of the night, “Hold On” by Wilson Philipps that was a song we could tell was truly special to the bride and her beautiful bridesmaids.

We had an absolutely wonderful time playing for everyone lucky enough to be present at this awesome night and we would like to thank you all for having us as well as wishing Mr and Mrs McDonnell a long and happy life together!

Ben’s best bit:

Throughout the entire evening the crowd were absolutely fantastic as we were welcomed with heartwarming cheers and applause at the end of each song. We really like to feed of the energy of the audience during each gig and you guys were brilliant from start to finish!!

Also that kids’ power slide right in front of the stage area was one of the coolest things I’ve seen this year!

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