Personalise your Song List

JukeBox take pride in being able to customise our shows for you, your event and your guests. Carl Moore, our client liaison, is here to help create your custom playlist. He can help you choose each individual song or discuss genres and specific favourites. You can then leave it to us to create and sculpt it into a show that you and your guests will remember. We believe this truly separates JukeBox from any other function band in the UK!

To help you draft a playlist, a rough estimate on song times is around 8-9 songs per 30 minutes of music. For example, 2 hours of music should have around 35 songs.

You do not have to provide the exact number of songs to fill your event. Select the songs you MUST have (remember we can fit around 8-9 songs per 30 minutes) and then select ‘Would Like’ on as many songs as you like, we can advise and choose the most appropriate ones for your event.

Remember: This service can be used simply to select just a few special songs for your event, or to pick the majority, if not all of the songs to feature throughout the night.

Mojo Jukebox

Made in the 80s

NOW Thats what I call Jukebox

Jukebox Classics

JukeBox 007 (Bond)

Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Parties

JukeBox frequently play weddings, corporate events and private parties all over Hampshire, Surrey, London and beyond. If you think JukeBox are the band you want for your event - whether it is the other side of the UK, or even abroad - then get in contact with the band to discuss your requirements.

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